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Traditional UPS representatives are contractually obligated and bound to one manufacturer.  ALH Power breaks that mold by offering multiple manufacturers, which allows us to honestly and without bias to recommend the best solution for each application.

Application Specific Power Solutions


Your UPS is often the last line of defense insuring the safe and reliable operation of your critical and emergency power systems.  ALH Power will provide a good, better and best range of solutions specific to you, your loads and the environment they must operate within. 

application specific Solutions

Powernetics Line of Third Rail DC/AC Inverters

Third rail DC/AC inverters provide utility grade AC output from a source that would typically destroy most electrical components in short order.  Over (50) of these inverters have been installed on a major light rail network in the Midwest since 2008 and many more are currently being installed.

Welcome Benning Industrial UPS! The latest addition to our portfolio of solutions!

Benning Industrial UPS is dominating the US industrial market for good reason, they make the only full IGBT industrial UPS on the market today.  All products made for the USA come from their factory in Richardson, TX where "buy American" certifications can be provided on any product.

Rail, Wastewater, Fresh Water, Oil/Gas, Power Generation, Utility, Mining, Steel and Renewable Energy are all markets where ALH Power has years of experience and knowledge to share, regarding the application of power systems into the harsh, outdoor and/or indoor  environments.

Market Focus & Expertise

Expert Advice and a Three Level Solution

ALH Power Systems is the only all industrial UPS rep firm in the USA.  Our line card has been strategically assembled allowing us to offer a "good" "better" and "best" solution for each problem or anomaly that needs resolve.

ALH Power Systems, selected as the US reprepresentative for Powernetics International

Since 1973 Powernetics has built their reputation in the global rail industry as a quality supplier of critical power solutions.  In the USA Powernetics has supplied dozens of third rail inverters that provide utility grade AC power to remote signal houses, controls & stations.

UL924 and Emergency Lighting Applications

National and local electric codes require UL 924 certified UPS when used in emergency lighting applications.  ALH Power Systems offers the first 20 year design life lighting inverter/UPS at a cost not to exceed 10% more than the cost of a 10yr life commercial option.

UPS for Water Treatment

ALH Power Systems has the most complete offering of Industrial UPS Solutions under one Company

Industrial vs. Commercial UPS

ALH Power Systems offers a very informative and interactive presentation that explains the differences between commercial vs. industrial type UPS.  If you would like us to come to your office to perform this presentation please contact us to schedule a visit.

Cost & obligation free consultation

We have invested many years into building the most comprehensive offering of market sector specific UPS and power converters.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.


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